Wednesday, 15 June 2011


In the conference, I had questions for Garibaldi.

One question was, what your full name is, and He said that her name was Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Too He said that he was born the 4th July 1800 Nece, Italy (today in France).

I asked when he died and if he would died in the same place that he born and he told me that he wasn’t died in the same place, because he died in Caprera (Italy) in 2 June 1887.

Next I asked if he would get any occupation, he said that he was an Italian soldier and politician, and the main interests were the same.

He told me that the group that he led was called the red shirts, and the last question was, why he was a historical figure, and He said that he is very important because he unified Italy and was a National hero.

I think that you can vote Garibaldi because he fought for the unification of Italy and this is very important.

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