Wednesday, 15 June 2011

James Watt

Full name: James Watt
Nationality: He was Scottish
Date of birth: He was born in 19 of January of 1736
Place of birth: He was born in Greenock, in Scotland.
Date of death: He was dead on 25 of August of 1819
Place of death: he was dead in Handsworth
Main occupation: He was a mechanician and an engineer
Main interests: He improved the steam machine.
Reasons for being a historical figure: He saved energy with the improving of the steam machine, and this was his jump to be a historical figure, apart from discover some maths unit like horsepower or the watts.
Other aspects: He studied in London, and he discovered much of the recent chemical products.
His sentence to call for votes: "I am a mechanical engineer. I have improved the steam machine to save power"

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