Monday, 13 June 2011

Reporting Europe


  1. What was your full name? Charles Louis de Secondat, Señor de la Brède y Barón de Montesquieu.
  2. What was your nationality? He was french.
  3. When were you born? 18 January 1689.
  4. Where were you born? Château de la Brède.
  5. When did you die? 10 February 1755
  6. Where did you die? In Paris
  7. What was your main occupation? He was a social commentator and political thinker.
  8. What were your main interests? He was political and philosophy
  9. Why were you a historical figure? He was famous for his articulation of the theory of separation of powers and he implemented in many constitutions throughout the world.
  10. Could you give me other aspects of you? He wrote many books.
  11. He is famous for his theory of separation of powers. Thanks to him there were many discussions of goverment and he implemented the constitutions all over the world.
He invented the thory of separation of powers

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