Thursday, 16 June 2011

Napoleón interview

Hello, my name is Maria Jesús, and I will let the interview that I did to Napoleón on thursday 16th of June.

*Full name: he full name is Napoleón Bonaparte.

*Nationality: he is French.

*Date of birth: he born the 15th of August 1769.

*Place of birth: he born in Ajaccio, Corsia.

*Date of death: he die the 5th of May 1821.

*Place of death: he die in Longwood, Saint Helena, Britizh Empire.
Napoleón die.

*Reasons for being a historical figure: Napoleón is a famous person because he created and led the French Empire. He had conquered many countries and had control for all Europe.

*Other aspects: her brother José Bonaparte was king also thank to he.

*Eurioean Seal of Excellence: sentence to call for votes: he said that we vote for him because he was the person most important in Europe in the XIX century and specially since he gave a new king to spain.

*What does your family think about your life?: that is very pround of him because he accupy all Europe and created a great empire.

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