Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Winston Churchil


Yesterday I had the extraordinary opportunity to interview Winston Churchil. Churchil was a british politician of the twentieth century. On my first question I asked him that what is his full name, he answered me politely that his name is Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchil. On my following question I asked him for receive more information of he: he born on 30 November of 1874 in Oxfordshire, in Woodstock (England). The next question was a bit strange: When and where did you death? Unusually he answered me that he died on 24 January of 1965 in Hyde Park, in London.

The second part of the interview were another questions, but this questions are more personal.

After this questions I understanded that Winston Churchil is a person that prefer his private life specially. Before Prime Minister he was a member of th Parliament, he was journalism, historian, author and he told me that he loves the painting.

Winston Churchil is a historical figure, because he became the leader of te Opposite, he became prime minister during the Secon World War, and many other things.

The interview was finish with his own political slogan:
``I am the most inportant British politician of the twentieth century and I was the Prime Minister during the Second World War´´.

Thanks for watching and see you on the next report.

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